On-line cash credit ranking

Bank loans can be really cheap and available. You will get it without leaving your home and unnecessary formalities. I chose the 10 best offers for you – check where you can get the best loan.

In our rankings, we most often compare loans for high amounts and with long repayment periods. However, it is worth reaching for banks’ offer also when you need small cash and you want to pay it off quickly. That’s why this month I checked which bank will lend you 4,000 PLN for 10 months, and the installment will not significantly burden your budget. I checked 13 offers of popular banks and selected the 10 most advantageous among them.

This time I took into account the installment amount, which will be the most favorable and will not be a large monthly burden.

I place – MertoBank

I place - MertoBank

The ranking is won by an extremely cheap loan with a low interest rate guarantee offered by MertoBank. By borrowing PLN 4,000 for 10 months, you will give away a total of PLN 4,080, so the total cost of the loan will be only PLN 80. Your monthly installment is PLN 408.00.

The loan has no interest, and the bank only charges a commission of 1.96 percent. amount borrowed. It does not require you to take out insurance, set up an account and does not charge any other fees, even if you pay the debt earlier than the schedule provides.

The loan is available fully online. You can apply online and get a loan decision without having to provide the bank with any documents in the traditional form. This means that you don’t have to visit a bank branch or wait for a courier to get money into your account. Just use the simple form. This is a great convenience if you need money quickly and you do not have time for formalities usually associated with obtaining a loan.

It is worth knowing that…

You can get a loan with a low interest rate based on your income statement. Credit on promotional terms is available in the amount from 500 to 4,000 PLN, repaid in 3 to 10 installments. The loan can be used for any purpose. In addition, the entire process from submitting the application to the withdrawal of funds will take place without leaving home (the bank gives the possibility to grant a loan completely online).

Credit parameters:

  • Interest rate (nominal): 0.00%
  • Commission: 1.96 percent
  • APRC: 4.40 percent

II place – Rashish Bank

II place - Rashish Bank

The second place in the ranking was won by Rashish Bank. Borrowing 4,000 PLN for 10 months, you will have to give back PLN 4,120.00, i.e. PLN 40 more than in MertoBank. Every month you will pay an installment of PLN 412.00.

You will be able to get your first loan at Raiffeisen on your ID card. Similarly to MertoBank, in this case you do not have to set up an account or use insurance that increases the cost of the loan.

It is worth knowing that…

The maximum period for which the bank grants a loan on promotional terms is 24 months, and the maximum amount of the First loan is 4 thousand. zł.

You cannot apply for the first loan online if you are not a Rashish Bank customer. You can only fill out the contact form on the bank’s website, the adviser will call you back, ask for data, verify the possibility of granting and will be able to arrange a courier who will bring the contract to you. Another option for applying for a First Loan is to apply to the branch.

Credit parameters:

  • Interest rate (nominal): 0.00%
  • Commission: 2.99%
  • APRC: 6.70 percent

III place at mYBank

III place at mYBank

The third place on the podium belongs to mYBank. The loan is over PLN 100 more expensive than the MertoBank offer. The total cost of the loan will be 185 PLN, which means you will give the bank 4,185.00 PLN in total. For 10 months of the loan you will pay an installment of PLN 419.00.

In this case, the bank does not charge any commission, for this the interest rate on the loan is 9.99 percent. Similarly to other rivals on the podium, mYBank does not require creating an account or buying insurance.

It is worth knowing that…

The amount you can apply for at mYBank on promotional terms is up to 150,000. for 96 months. In addition, the bank gives you the option of extending the repayment period and earlier repayment at no cost.

Credit parameters:

  • Interest rate (nominal): 9.99%
  • Commission : 0.00%
  • APRC: 10.46%



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