Online Payday Reviews: Advice On Finding A Reliable Lender / Tue, 10 Nov 2020 09:42:43 +0000 en-US hourly 1 What to Look For in Online Payday Reviews /search-for-online-payday-reviews/ /search-for-online-payday-reviews/#respond Mon, 09 Nov 2020 07:51:25 +0000 /?p=359 For example, when it comes to your search for a good payday online review, there are literally hundreds of different types of sites to look at. The key here is to know that payday lenders are legitimate and which ones are not. There are many sites out there that offer reviews on payday loans, but they are not all created equal. One of the things that you want to look for in an online payday loan review is the amount of time the payday lender has been around.

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Payday online reviews are one of the most useful types of information that you can have. This is a great source for those looking to find the best place that offers payday loans, because there are so many different payday loan websites these days.

Search for online payday reviews?

For example, when it comes to your search for a good payday online review, there are literally hundreds of different types of sites to look at. The key here is to know that payday lenders are legitimate and which ones are not. There are many sites out there that offer reviews on payday loans, but they are not all created equal. One of the things that you want to look for in an online payday loan review is the amount of time the payday lender has been around.

You need to look at the amount of time between when the payday loan was first available online and when the payday loan review appeared. Many payday loan review sites have been online for months and still haven’t updated their information. If this is a site that has been online for a long time, then chances are it hasn’t gotten any updates or changed at all since they started.

It’s important that if you don’t see any changes in their information that they are probably not currently offering a payday loan. This is a very serious thing to do because many people can end up getting a bad deal if they choose a site that is no longer currently offering a payday loan. If you find a payday loan online review that mentions new payday loan companies, then you should be wary.

Payday loan sites

The next part of an online review is the way in which the loan is being offered. Many people end up having a bad experience when they get these payday loan reviews, and it often has nothing to do with the way that the payday loan was offered. Instead, it may be because of how the loan itself was made. Sometimes, it’s very hard to find a site that offers the type of payday loan that is meant for you.

Often times, payday loan sites will make their money by charging a fee on the loan, even though they offer the loan in the first place. This is the main purpose of having the payday loan company appear on a payday loan online review, so that people can see how their payday loan works. If the loan company has charged a fee and is no longer making the loan, then it’s a red flag that you should take a look at.

Another thing that will often be listed on an online review of a payday loan is how much interest the loan is going to charge. It’s easy to look at a site that lists a certain interest rate and think that it’s fair. This is one of the things that you should also look for in an online payday loan review. if the interest rate is very high, then you probably shouldn’t bother getting the loan because it’s too expensive.

Also, if the interest rate is too low and you end up paying more than what is needed, then you probably should move onto a different payday loan. This is a sign that you may be getting a bad deal when choosing this kind of loan.

Payday review terms and conditions

An online payday loan review will often include the terms and conditions of the loan as well, as they are very important. It’s a good idea to read the details of any agreement that you agree to, so that you know what you’re getting into.

Finally, many payday loan online review sites will give you advice on finding a reliable lender that will lend you the money you need. If you end up with a bad experience with your lender, then you should always check out another payday loan.

The last part of an online review of a payday loan will usually include comments from customers who have used the service in the past. This is a great place to get good advice from people who have been through the process before.

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Do You Know the Answer to the Question, “Is Credit Always Possible?” /do-you-know-the-answer-to-the-question-is-credit-always-possible/ /do-you-know-the-answer-to-the-question-is-credit-always-possible/#respond Mon, 14 Sep 2020 16:26:05 +0000 /?p=353 Continue reading Do You Know the Answer to the Question, “Is Credit Always Possible?”]]> Credit is perhaps the most important thing in our lives. It defines our financial status and where we are in life, and it governs many of our daily decisions.

In spite of all the harm that can be done by identity theft, unscrupulous people have a tendency to go around stealing our identity with credit cards and other forms of electronic banking and money transfer facilities. This is why people who have good credit or are often over their heads in debt do not like to see their credit scores plummet.

Credit score can mean the difference between

Without a decent credit score, it is much more difficult to get a good mortgage, so it’s vitally important that you protect your scores from scammers.

You can keep your credit score at an excellent level by doing a few things on a regular basis. Some of these do not cost anything but just performing them consistently will help improve your credit score.

Every three months, you should get a free credit report from all the major reporting companies. These credit reports provide vital information on your credit. By reviewing your credit report, you will be able to make sure it is accurate and up to date.

Paying off your existing bills and new credit card bills

It can help you raise your credit score. By paying more than the minimum monthly payment, your debts will be paid off and you will also have a lower debt-to-income ratio, which will raise your credit score as well.

If you have an excellent credit history, you may still find it necessary to apply for an overdraft to purchase something like a car. However, before doing this, make sure to pay off any outstanding balances on your credit cards so that you don’t increase your debt to income ratio and therefore cause your credit score to drop.

One way to build credit is to open up accounts with many different online stores. Many sites will offer cards that are approved online and at the same time require you to have a balance on your credit card to qualify.

Financial delinquencies

Financial delinquencies will reflect negatively on your credit history and will decrease your score. This is why it is important to maintain a clean financial history by making timely payments to your creditors as well as your debts.

Make sure that you always do what you can to improve your credit rating. You don’t want to be under a lot of debt when you need to take out a large mortgage, and you certainly don’t want to lose your home when you are only slightly late on your mortgage payment.

If you are over your head in debt and need to get out of debt fast, then you should consider debt consolidation. Most consolidation companies offer low interest rates, lower monthly payments, and no penalties for late payments.

The key to credit and personal finance is understanding how to use credit responsibly and above all, never misuse it. In order to get a good credit score, you need to make sure you pay all your debts on time and pay your lenders on time as well.

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Loans – Personal Loans Can Be Avoided With a Good Credit Score /loans-personal-loans-can-be-avoided-with-a-good-credit-score/ /loans-personal-loans-can-be-avoided-with-a-good-credit-score/#respond Fri, 10 Jul 2020 16:23:14 +0000 /?p=347 Continue reading Loans – Personal Loans Can Be Avoided With a Good Credit Score]]> Loans are among the most needed money tools in a person’s life. They are necessary for your personal and financial progress. Having to obtain a loan is not that easy. You may have to secure a loan, and it can take some time before the loan can be accepted by the lender.

You can make use of the credit unions. This can be a good option for you. You will also be able to save up the fees associated with the loans so that you can pay them back in the long run.

Reliable sources where you can get secured loans

To avail the loans, you must be a member of the institutions from which you will get the loans, or a member of regular business accounts. In case you don’t meet the requirements, then you may get a secured loan.

The interest rates will vary for secured loans. However, they will also vary depending on the type of loan you have chosen. The terms and conditions for the loans are also the same. Thus, there are no hidden charges to worry about.

If you want to avoid the problem of open-ended debt, then you must decide on the type of loans that you need. This will help you a lot in avoiding the need to search for another loan when you have decided on the right loan.

Personal loans can make your life easier

Before deciding on the type of loans, the first thing you need to do is to find out what kind of credit and need. This is very important because the loans are mainly used for your own personal use.

Loans can be taken to pay for various things like mortgages, hospital bills, mortgages etc. if you qualify for the loan. Borrowing money to fulfill your needs is definitely possible with good credit score. However, you need to have some sort of collateral. For instance, a good car and a big house are things that can be financed by secured loans.

This means that you will be expected to pledge your home or a property that has your credit history. After that, the lender will be allowed to do the research for the rate and repayment. By pledging any collateral, the lender can be assured that you are capable of repaying the loan on time.

Quite difficult to find debt consolidation loans for individuals

The first thing you should do is to find out what kind of loan you are eligible for. After that, you can always refer to the lenders for getting the loan.

Most of the lending companies will do credit history checks, and you can try to assure that you will be approved for the loan. However, even if you are approved for the loan, the rate is usually high. To avoid this, you should look for a better loan.

When you find the best loan, you should keep in mind that there is no need to pay extra fees. You can use the money for your personal needs.

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Payday loans online -Paycheck loans online are straightforward with us /payday-loans-online-paycheck-loans-online-are-straightforward-with-us/ /payday-loans-online-paycheck-loans-online-are-straightforward-with-us/#respond Fri, 13 Sep 2019 05:54:06 +0000 Continue reading Payday loans online -Paycheck loans online are straightforward with us]]> We already want to offer you this guide to apply for loans online with the intention of making the whole process easier for you. In it we will include some tips that can undoubtedly help you a lot when asking for money for any investment.

Paycheck loans online are simple and straightforward with us

We want to make things easy for you. Therefore, in this helpful site to apply for payday loans online we have included several points that you will have to take into account. Naturally, these points have to do with the advantages that you can obtain depending on which entity you choose.

The amount

Not all credit institutions or online loans offer you the same amount. In fact, although there are some that can offer you a specific amount, they will do so at the cost of asking for greater interest. It is therefore important to adjust the amount you want to what the entity can offer you.

If, for example, what you are looking for is a personal mini-loan, it is better that you look for an entity specialized in offering them. With this you can get a better deal for yourself. By the way, you will get greater facilities to return it and adjust it to your preferences.

The time

In this guide to request loans online we must take into account the speed. As it is evident, in many occasions who requests a loan online needs speed in the transfer. Therefore, from Loans Online We can already offer you speed so that as soon as possible you can enjoy the amount you want.


In Online Loans We are already aware that the reality of the 21st century demands answers. Among other things, there are many people whose work has no payroll. In others, there are people who have been unfairly included . This means that they cannot access financing from traditional credit institutions.

In Online Loans Now and in this guide to apply for online loans we want to make it clear that both issues are overcome. We offer you loans online without payroll or guarantee. All possible facilities so you can fulfill your dreams. This guide to apply for loans online makes this clear.


Agility is important throughout the entire process. That means that it is necessary that superfluous procedures be eliminated. Likewise, it is necessary that the paperwork is not endless. As we have said, speed is essential. Therefore, in this guide to apply for loans online we remind you that after filling out our form you can access financing.


All the previous features of our guide to apply for loans online would be nothing if there were no guarantees. That is why from Online Loans we already want to give you all the possible ones.

We offer you all the legal and backup guarantees of your personal mini-loan. That has meant that thousands of people have trusted us in the same way we trust them.

These guarantees together with our flexibility make Online Loans Already one of the main sources of prosperity and financing of our country. Whatever your project. Both invest in your company and carry out a personal project. Everything is possible thanks to our facilities. We hope that our online loan application guide has helped you decide.

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To avoid excessive credit, the court proposes to file borrowers /to-avoid-excessive-credit-the-court-proposes-to-file-borrowers/ /to-avoid-excessive-credit-the-court-proposes-to-file-borrowers/#respond Fri, 26 Jul 2019 12:13:53 +0000 Continue reading To avoid excessive credit, the court proposes to file borrowers]]> To fight against over-indebtedness, the court wants to create a register of borrowers holding several consumer loans.

The fight against over-indebtedness, 

The fight against over-indebtedness, 

To finance consumer goods, French customers have the opportunity to subscribe a personal credit. With the money released, they are able to finance the purchase of furniture or services. Consumer credit allows you to buy a new vehicle, prepare an event or plan a trip or work.

But there is a risk for consumers: to cumulate several credits. On a daily basis, an accumulation of loans leads to an increase in the debt ratio of a household. Indeed, with several monthly payments to repay, his budget can quickly be started. It may, therefore, be difficult to pay each monthly payment. Contractually, the borrowers undertake to repay the sums borrowed as well as the interests but in case of default of payment, their situation can quickly become delicate.

For several years, the idea of ​​registering borrowers in a file has made its way. The idea of ​​a borrower registry would help to reduce the number of over-indebtedness cases. In 2014, the Hamon law attempted to introduce the creation of this file. However, the council had censored this provision by raising its attack on the privacy of the French. At the time, 12 million people were concerned by a registration.

A file to avoid the accumulation of consumer loans

A file to avoid the accumulation of consumer loans

The court recently delivered the results of its survey on public policies of banking inclusion. The institution responsible for monitoring public accounts recommends creating a shared file. The idea of ​​a register is thus returning, it would this time be refocused on the holding of multiple consumer loans managed by the bank.

An alternative to avoid “overpayment” is also proposed by the court: make it mandatory for the borrower to provide the last 3 statements of bank accounts. The lender would thus appreciate the applicant’s debt capacity. But in practice, such an obligation would be complicated to apply. In many cases, consumer credits are contracted directly at the point of sale. Excluding all bank, customers do not have their statements available when it comes to subscribe to a revolving credit in supermarkets.

Finally, in order to avoid a situation of over-indebtedness, the credit consolidation operation gives the possibility to a borrower household to reduce their debt ratio. On this occasion, a new project can also be included in the operation.

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On-line cash credit ranking /on-line-cash-credit-ranking/ /on-line-cash-credit-ranking/#respond Wed, 17 Jul 2019 12:06:50 +0000 Continue reading On-line cash credit ranking]]> Bank loans can be really cheap and available. You will get it without leaving your home and unnecessary formalities. I chose the 10 best offers for you – check where you can get the best loan.

In our rankings, we most often compare loans for high amounts and with long repayment periods. However, it is worth reaching for banks’ offer also when you need small cash and you want to pay it off quickly. That’s why this month I checked which bank will lend you 4,000 PLN for 10 months, and the installment will not significantly burden your budget. I checked 13 offers of popular banks and selected the 10 most advantageous among them.

This time I took into account the installment amount, which will be the most favorable and will not be a large monthly burden.

I place – MertoBank

I place - MertoBank

The ranking is won by an extremely cheap loan with a low interest rate guarantee offered by MertoBank. By borrowing PLN 4,000 for 10 months, you will give away a total of PLN 4,080, so the total cost of the loan will be only PLN 80. Your monthly installment is PLN 408.00.

The loan has no interest, and the bank only charges a commission of 1.96 percent. amount borrowed. It does not require you to take out insurance, set up an account and does not charge any other fees, even if you pay the debt earlier than the schedule provides.

The loan is available fully online. You can apply online and get a loan decision without having to provide the bank with any documents in the traditional form. This means that you don’t have to visit a bank branch or wait for a courier to get money into your account. Just use the simple form. This is a great convenience if you need money quickly and you do not have time for formalities usually associated with obtaining a loan.

It is worth knowing that…

You can get a loan with a low interest rate based on your income statement. Credit on promotional terms is available in the amount from 500 to 4,000 PLN, repaid in 3 to 10 installments. The loan can be used for any purpose. In addition, the entire process from submitting the application to the withdrawal of funds will take place without leaving home (the bank gives the possibility to grant a loan completely online).

Credit parameters:

  • Interest rate (nominal): 0.00%
  • Commission: 1.96 percent
  • APRC: 4.40 percent

II place – Rashish Bank

II place - Rashish Bank

The second place in the ranking was won by Rashish Bank. Borrowing 4,000 PLN for 10 months, you will have to give back PLN 4,120.00, i.e. PLN 40 more than in MertoBank. Every month you will pay an installment of PLN 412.00.

You will be able to get your first loan at Raiffeisen on your ID card. Similarly to MertoBank, in this case you do not have to set up an account or use insurance that increases the cost of the loan.

It is worth knowing that…

The maximum period for which the bank grants a loan on promotional terms is 24 months, and the maximum amount of the First loan is 4 thousand. zł.

You cannot apply for the first loan online if you are not a Rashish Bank customer. You can only fill out the contact form on the bank’s website, the adviser will call you back, ask for data, verify the possibility of granting and will be able to arrange a courier who will bring the contract to you. Another option for applying for a First Loan is to apply to the branch.

Credit parameters:

  • Interest rate (nominal): 0.00%
  • Commission: 2.99%
  • APRC: 6.70 percent

III place at mYBank

III place at mYBank

The third place on the podium belongs to mYBank. The loan is over PLN 100 more expensive than the MertoBank offer. The total cost of the loan will be 185 PLN, which means you will give the bank 4,185.00 PLN in total. For 10 months of the loan you will pay an installment of PLN 419.00.

In this case, the bank does not charge any commission, for this the interest rate on the loan is 9.99 percent. Similarly to other rivals on the podium, mYBank does not require creating an account or buying insurance.

It is worth knowing that…

The amount you can apply for at mYBank on promotional terms is up to 150,000. for 96 months. In addition, the bank gives you the option of extending the repayment period and earlier repayment at no cost.

Credit parameters:

  • Interest rate (nominal): 9.99%
  • Commission : 0.00%
  • APRC: 10.46%


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Credit Europe: European loan, demand for money in the EU /credit-europe-european-loan-demand-for-money-in-the-eu/ /credit-europe-european-loan-demand-for-money-in-the-eu/#respond Sat, 06 Jul 2019 11:44:53 +0000 Continue reading Credit Europe: European loan, demand for money in the EU]]> The European Union has standardized the credit market, laying the foundations for free competition. A European can legally apply for credit in another EU country. For an individual, there is interest in knowing the interest rates practiced in Europe, in order to obtain the best offer.

How to apply for credit in another country of the European Union?

How to apply for credit in another country of the European Union?

From directive to directive, Europe, or more precisely, the European Union, continues to harmonize the different economies that make it up. More and more, we can do business in the EU, especially since the advent of the Schengen Area and the Euro.

But unfortunately there are still too many differences between EU countries, including differences in laws, but especially taxes and economic power. These differences do not allow today for all countries to play on the same level of competition: one country will have a cheaper labor force, another will have less tax.

When looking for good credit outside France, there are two aspects to take into account. The first is the understanding of the language. It is difficult for a Frenchman who speaks no other than French to go to a bank abroad to make a loan. The second, physical proximity: to get credit, you have to go to the bank.

In France, many banks are fighting to present the best interest rate to their customers, which allows France to be among the best European countries in terms of credit. It’s not for nothing if BNP-Paribas is one of the largest European institutions for consumer credit ! All about credit scoring and rating

Example of interest rates in Europe for a consumer credit

Example of interest rates in Europe for a consumer credit

France is a very competitive country in terms of credit. It has the maximum rating of rating agencies, and is a country with a very strong bargaining power, given its economic weight. In addition, the banking sector is competitive, with several banks operating on the French market. As you say right now: it is difficult to find a better place elsewhere, at the credit level, at least in 2017.

In June 2017, we looked at what we could expect in terms of credit. By taking the same company, Yoabank, and by looking at the different rates that it practices in its different countries of implantation. So we did a credit simulation, a classic personal loan: we want 3000 euros, to repay over 12 months. In 12 months, if you pay a zero rate credit, you have to pay 3000/12, which is 250 euros.

  • Belgium : it is proposed to repay 266.31 euros per month. The APR is 12.50%.
  • Spain : it is proposed to repay 269.35 euros per month. The TAE is 14.92%. Despite the European directive, no TAEG posted.
  • Portugal : it is proposed to repay monthly 270,56 euros. The APR is 13%.
  • France : for a credit of 3000 euros to be reimbursed over 12 months, Yoabank offers monthly payments of 259 euros. Unbeatable. Except that this first offer corresponds to a revolving credit, with adjustable rate. A revolving credit, the normal rate excluding promotion, it is rather around 20%. To get the true proposal equivalent to other countries, I had to choose a personal loan: 269.45 euros with a APR of 15%.

As we can see, the interest for a Frenchman to make a credit elsewhere in Europe is minimal: it is not for the best rate that we will see abroad, but rather to try to obtain credit more easily.. We did this research in September 2010, and it is clear that the situation has changed little. The differences between countries are even smaller.

Filed at the Francia Bank

Filed at the Francia Bank

A file at the Bank of France, FCC or FICP will have a hard time getting credit. It is not totally impossible if he puts a property in mortgage. It is for this reason that the temptation to go to the country next door if you lend money to the FICP is strong. Many border workers think about it, and rightly! As a general rule, it is better to ask for a mortgage to his bank, the one where our income is. Other EU countries are no less lax than France in terms of credit. The hope lies mainly in the fact that foreign banks would not consult the files of the Francia Bank.

But precisely because of this state of affairs, foreign banks have great difficulty in lending to a foreigner! Unless there are strong guarantees, it is now practically impossible to obtain credit in an EU country other than one’s own. The case changes a little figure for border workers, those who work on one side of the border, but live on the other. In many cases, their income is fixed on a bank account in the country where they work. In this case, the bank can lend money: it knows its client well. To obtain credit abroad, you must either live there or work there, the only way for a bank to have confidence in its client.

Many of these banks may be branches of French banks, or have a partnership, which allows them to exchange information about their customers. the article “credit abroad”. In addition, it may be more interesting to take advantage of zero-rate loans or the tax credit to which one might have the right in France, something impossible if one asks for a credit elsewhere in the EU. The problem does not arise if you live abroad and work there, of course.

Many foreign banks, to help their internal real estate market and to attract new customers, offer specific home loans for foreigners wishing to buy a house, an apartment in their country. France is doing this too, and is targeting specific nationalities. The bank must be used to working with the country of origin of the applicant.

On the other hand, if you approach an Italian bank to buy a house in France, the task is much more complicated, not to say impossible. It is important to understand that foreign banks have trouble following a purchase outside their national territory: the taking of collateral is much more complex, the laws of one country to another change, and the banking agency does not know not necessarily all the legal subtleties of the other country. The EU, unlike consumer credit, has not yet harmonized mortgage lending in Europe.

To learn more, read our article on credit to buy a house in Portugal

If you have no business (work, usual place of residence), as much as it is an impossible mission to obtain a loan to buy in France, but the situation is changing, with the EU pushing to harmonize the credit market, and money in general.

All about revolving credit

  • Beware of credit scams

EKonomia’s review

With the EU, it becomes possible to make a loan in another member country.

The European Union today allows any European citizen to move freely in the member countries, to settle there, to work there. With the end of the borders, it is quite possible to buy abroad, and to compete between the different offers that can be found in each country.

It is thus possible to make a consumer credit throughout the EU. Real estate credit, by its complexity, is not there yet, but the EU works so that more and more capital can flow freely, with the removal of the various obstacles that could prevent it: taxes, laws, Informatic Systems…

Thus, the EU tends to unify economically the different member states, but there is still a way to go before being able to freely credit anywhere in Europe.

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Minicredit: credit in 24h. Ideal for Forbidden Banking, FICP /minicredit-credit-in-24h-ideal-for-forbidden-banking-ficp/ /minicredit-credit-in-24h-ideal-for-forbidden-banking-ficp/#respond Sat, 22 Jun 2019 12:08:20 +0000 Continue reading Minicredit: credit in 24h. Ideal for Forbidden Banking, FICP]]>  

No bank lends overnight. For the urgent need of money, fintechs have launched innovative services, to obtain funds in less than 24 hours. These are small loans, but they can be very useful if you are willing to pay a lot of fees…

Small sums of money can sometimes get someone out of big, urgent problems…

The advent of the Internet and common European legislation in the financial sector have allowed the introduction of new services previously deemed impossible. Today, there is nothing simpler than obtaining a ” minicredit ” overnight, without having to justify a purchase. Even the banking ban or FICP registration is not a drag.

Several companies have embarked on the niche of small money loans in Europe. Technically, it is not about consumer loans, sums being below the legal minimum in France, as well as the repayment terms.

In France, two main players share the very short-term credit market: the Maltese company Viloan, and the French company FinderCash. Each company has peculiarities, which must be evaluated before making a choice when applying for a minicredit.

Microcredit or minicredit?

Microcredit or minicredit?

These new financial services are often confused with microcredit. At XeConomy, we prefer to differentiate them. Microcredit is there to help a person to realize a concrete project, often of a social nature. Mini-credits do not require any proof, and the high fees for getting money fast have absolutely nothing of a “social welfare”.

In the US, the minicrédit is known as “payday loan” in French “payday loan.” Clearly, it is a loan to repay the day when one receives his salary.

how to recover an unpaid

how to recover an unpaid

In short, reasons, there are many, not necessarily admirable. And this is the other great strength of the minicredit: no one will ask to justify the loan. Viloan ready in less than 24 hours without asking questions about what we are going to make money. No proof of purchase to provide. All that interests them is to be reimbursed on time.

But not giving proof of purchase does not mean that we do not give any paper to micro-credit organizations: they want to know our identity, our income and our address. FinderCash even requests access to our bank accounts!

An alternative to the minicredit to get money immediately is to go through the “loan on pledge” of the Municipal Credit. Of course you have to have a valuable object to pledge, which is not the case for everyone…

lend to someone who is over-indebted or registered with the FICP.

lend to someone who is over-indebted or registered with the FICP.

But remember: below 200 euros, it is not a consumer credit according to the law. The obligations of a credit company do not apply, even if one is prohibited banking and FICP. Free to Viloan to lend or not. On the other hand, as soon as one is at 200 euros or more, if the credit company decides to lend anyway, it is knowingly, it knows that the borrower is a “risk profile”.

The minicredit should be considered as the last chance funding. A medically urgent to buy, maybe!

To lend, these companies rely on other criteria than those used by traditional banks. They work with what we call ” big data “, that is to say with a multitude of different data that allow to have a fairly reliable idea of ​​the borrower’s profile. Thus, a company can consult the social networks (Facebook profile!), Cross-check the information of the job, the age, and all the data at its disposal to grant a loan.

Where the two companies based in Malta innovate, it is in the terms of repayment, much less flexible than a bank: it must repay the amount borrowed in 30 days!

On the FinderCash side, the system is different. It is not a revolving credit, but a crowdfunding. The company is paid in commissions. The repayment term is different too, up to 90 days.

Comparative of minicredit in France:

Comparative of minicredit in France:

  Viloan FinderCash
minimum amount (euros) 50 200
maximum amount (euros) 1000 600
minimum duration (days) 15 30
maximum duration (days) 30 90

We will choose one or the other minicredit company on very personal criteria.

  • Speed : Viloan offers loans in less than 24 hours.
  • Confidentiality : Viloan does not request access to the bank accounts of its customers.
  • Amounts : Viloan can lend up to 1000 euros.
  • Trust : FinderCash is a French company
  • Ethics : let’s say it right away, none of these two companies. It’s not about charity!
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We take a payday loan from Bank /we-take-a-payday-loan-from-bank/ /we-take-a-payday-loan-from-bank/#respond Sat, 15 Jun 2019 12:28:36 +0000 Continue reading We take a payday loan from Bank]]> We assume – I think rightly – that what pisses us off can piss anyone off. We provide TIPS and solutions that you can use to simplify or shorten the waiting time for the offer. We carried out another test at Meteor Bank.

Meteor Bank payday loan is an offer that you choose as much as the PB Mini Akrat. This time the application was sent by our friend Romina. Of course, she used the comparison engine – exactly the same way you do it. Also this time, we did not inform Meteor Bank that we would be testing them.

Parameters of the offer selected on SumMoney

  • The loan amount requested by Romina: PLN 20,000
  • Loan period: 48 months
  • Interest rate on SumMoney 6.9%
  • Bank commission: 0%
  • APRC: 7.12%
  • Insurance: required *
  • Installment amount: 479.21 PLN
  • Credit cost: PLN 23,001.88

I’m sending the application … and what next?

We sent the test application on Friday, around 10:00 am. After less than 10 minutes, a banking helpline returned to Dominica. What is worth emphasizing – our friend has never used the services of a bank before, so she was “New customer”.

Meteor Bank – conversation with the consultant

The consultant our friend came across was very communicative and competent. Romina greatly appreciated the way he provided information. He did not impose anything, answered questions, informed what was happening with the application. He emphasized a small number of documents necessary to obtain a loan. It turns out that in order to take a payday loan at Meteor Bank, all you need is your ID card and bank statements documenting the receipts for the last three months.

During the conversation with the consultant, our tester answered questions about: name and surname, form of employment, amount of remuneration, PESEL number, series and number of ID card and its expiry date, place of residence and correspondence address, phone number, email address, education, marital status, mother’s maiden name, monthly living expenses, number of people in the household.

In addition, she was asked whether she owns a house or an apartment and / or a car, what position she has occupied since when she was employed at her current workplace, what the industry in which she works, what is the legal form of the company and whether she has any non-bank obligations (e.g. alimony, bailiffs). She had to agree to be verified in Retro (the verification was carried out during the interview), as well as to agree to marketing (which can be canceled at any time – just call the hotline again).

The consultant informed me what was happening with the application, he asked for patience when generating the report from the Retro and the offer itself. He pointed out that the lack of any credit history is conspicuous and does not necessarily work in my favor. Still, the conversation met my expectations. The consultant was factual, specific and answered questions. However, the terms of the offer differed from those presented at

Parameters of the offer proposed to Dominica by the consultant

  • Loan amount requested: PLN 20,000
  • Loan period: 48 months
  • Interest rate: 10%
  • Bank commission: 9.99%
  • APRC: 16.92%
  • Insurance: not required
  • Installment amount: PLN 563.42
  • The cost of credit: PLN 27,043.78

The consultant summarized the conversation and presented the terms of the loan. He asked if Romina was determined to forward the application for further processing. He also presented two alternative process paths. Our friend could:

  1. complete the process at a bank branch of your choice and sign all documents there or
  2. verify your identity at a bank branch of your choice and complete the process by phone. This path looks a bit more complicated, though it doesn’t have to be. Romina already had a guardian from the Call Center. From him she was to receive all the documents to her email. A scan of the ID card (verified and confirmed during a one-time visit to the facility) was to be sent after reading the contract and attachments. The loan was disbursed during the next telephone conversation with the consultant, after accepting the script read, which was treated as a customer’s signature.

Funds from a loan at Meteor Bank can be withdrawn in a branch (cash) or transferred to any account number. We wanted to check the first path, which is why we persuaded Romina to visit the bank branch.

The consultant emphasized that the conditions presented to me are not negotiable. I received the best offer because the standard commission would be higher. I heard that I won’t get better conditions in the ward, on the contrary – they may be worse.

Romina also inquired about the offer of Winter and Unusual Loans. The consultant explained that these offers can only be offered if the customer receives a high credit rating. Our friend’s rating was too low due to the lack of credit history. However, he comforted our tester, explaining that when she regularly repays the loan, this rating will definitely go up .

Credit insurance at Meteor Bank is not mandatory. It is also not included in the installment presented. Importantly – the customer does not have to use any additional bank products (such as a personal account or credit card).

After agreeing to continue processing the application, an email was sent to Romina asking for the account number to be withdrawn and the account history for the last three months. When she sent the document back, her application was sent for further analysis.

The adviser offered me neither a larger nor a smaller loan amount. I was asked for consent for verification in Retro and for marketing consents. The downside is that I could not negotiate the terms of the loan, and those that were offered to me are not favorable for me. In addition, the advisor quite clearly made me aware that due to the fact that I have a clean history in Retro, my assessment will not be the best.

Good morning, this is Meteor Bank analyst …

Good morning, this is Meteor Bank analyst ...

On the same day, around 16:00, Romina received another call from Meteor Bank. The employee asked about what loan he is applying for and what installment to pay, what address of residence and correspondence was given in the application, who is the owner of the given phone number, under what contract she is employed and what position Romina holds, what remuneration she received in the last three months and whether he has any bailiffs.

These questions have already been asked, and our friend answered them – she was surprised by such verification, but heard that it was a standard procedure.

Credit Decision

Credit Decision

Romina received another phone call the next day. The credit decision is positive – our tester was invited to the nearest bank branch. The consultant arranged an appointment with a specific employee of the department and reminded her that during the visit she would need her ID card.

Meteor Bank payday loan – visit to the branch

Meteor Bank cash loan - visit to the branch

Instructed by Dominik’s consultant, she went to the facility. She chose the Wrocław branch of the bank on Skłodowska-Curie and approached the adviser’s desk with whom she had an appointment.

Ms. Advisor at the beginning, without any courtesy (good morning, I invite you, please sit down), she announced that she already has a contract prepared for signature, but Romina in their presence must download the account history for the last 3 months (despite the fact that such a document was already sent by her to the bank). The colleague calmly asked if she could ask additional questions or negotiate the conditions, but the Advisor clearly stated that she could say only as much as she had written in the prepared documents. She admitted that she did not know the details of the offer. However, she clearly stated that Romina should not count on better conditions.

I said that I would like to think about the offer (I suggested that I hope for better conditions in another bank) and asked for a document confirming the loan parameters presented to me. In response, I heard that … everything was proposed to me and presented on the phone, and my consultant should dispel my call center. I can write down what interests me, but I can’t postpone the date of signing the contract, because all the documents are issued today.

Romina refused to sign the contract and said goodbye to the Advisor. The employee in the ward was very rude, he treated her almost like an intruder.

Interestingly – literally a few minutes after leaving the ward the phone rang. The consultant – caretaker at the Call Center was concerned that the contract was not signed and wanted to ask what happened.

There is one conclusion: the process is not consistent. I rate the quality of CC service very well and I would be willing to take a loan at this stage – summarized Romina.

Meteor Bank – pros and cons

Meteor Bank - pros and cons


+ fast bank response time;
+ competent CC employee (he does not impose anything, explains, informs what is happening with the application, answers my questions);
+ few documents: to take a loan, all you need is your ID card and documented receipt of remuneration for the last three months (account statement);
+ detailed analysis of my credibility to present the offer.


– no information form so that the customer can calmly familiarize themselves with the offer.
– duplication of the process (a CC employee gathers information from me, a few hours later the analyst who received my application again asks me the same questions).
– very unprofessional service in the branch, I had the impression that the advisor does not care about the client, he does not know the offer presented to me by the CC employee, he is not able to answer my questions, he additionally misleads me;
– the need to log in to the branch in the presence of the banker in order to print the account history again (contrary to the banks’ recommendations not to log in to the account on foreign devices);
– an unfavorable offer, completely out of line with the bank’s current offer (I have not been offered the terms of the Winter Loan or the Unusual Loan).

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Credit: deadline for an agreement or a loan refusal /credit-deadline-for-an-agreement-or-a-loan-refusal/ /credit-deadline-for-an-agreement-or-a-loan-refusal/#respond Fri, 07 Jun 2019 12:18:17 +0000 Continue reading Credit: deadline for an agreement or a loan refusal]]>  


How long does it take to get credit? It’s not the same for real estate or a car, as we will see…

 The expectation of the credit agreement is sometimes endless…

Compare our best credit offers zero-rated and other assisted loans. But always with my example, in the event that I can get all the money at zero rate, I know that I could not go beyond 250,000 euros.

I can say goodbye to the house on the French Riviera with pool.

Knowing what you can buy is fundamental to make sure you are not mistaken when approaching the real estate seller. If you get a trade-off on something you can never buy, it’s nothing but lost time and a broken dream. Asking for unrealistic credit, well above one’s means, is the best way to wait for nothing and waste everyone’s time.

Chronology: I got my sales agreement on November 12th. It is stipulated that the sale must be completed within four months, before March 15th. It is a sufficiently long period in theory to be able to obtain a mortgage. This is a small additional mortgage, representing about a quarter of the total price of the apartment. The concern, and I know it, is that I am a company manager, wanting to buy in another country of the European Union: better to have a very long time!

I wanted to buy a house in Portugal).

Documents gathered for one bank also work for another, with some subtle differences. Here is what the specialized bank (who does not know me) asked me to study my mortgage application:

  • Promise or compromise of sale, indicating: amount of the purchase, amount of the desired credit, possible duration of the credit not to exceed
  • Copy of the identity documents of the credit applicants
  • Last tax notice
  • The last 3 payslips, proof of income, rental income, retirement, or other… (any type of income in general)
  • If credits in progress, depreciation tables
  • Breakdown of the insurance of the borrowers (100% each, 50% / 50%, 100% / 50%)
  • Real estate: type of property (apartment, house, land…) and current value; financial wealth: type of investment (booklets, CEL / ELP, life insurance) and amounts held on these investments.
  • Extracts from your bank accounts over 3 months.

All this is normal, especially if you are applying to another bank than yours. It assumes that I am on a permanent contract. In order to grant a loan, the banks often demand to pay their salary or income.

The bank that holds my business account has asked me almost the same thing, with some differences: it knows me better, and knows that I am a business owner, married. Here is his list:

  • Compromise of sale, and if you have not yet signed a compromise, the purchase price and the distribution of expenses (notary, agency)
  • 2 latest tax notices + land declaration (or tenants’ lease)
  • Last 3 balance sheets of your professional activity
  • Amortization table for loans in progress (mortgage loans, consumer loans)
  • Property tax of buildings you own
  • 3 last statements of accounts (professional and / or personal) of other institutions
  • Proof of your personal contribution
  • If Mrs. participates in the loan, the proof of her income.

Based on these documents, the banker can then draw up a financing proposal. At this stage, there is no thorough verification of documents, everything is at the level of good faith of the applicant. It is not useful to cheat on the documents, they will always be checked later.

Chronology: For my part, my first contact with the banks took place around November 15, three days after the signing of the sales agreement. The first requested documents were sent on November 26th.

good bank advisor is just as good! An advisor who is accustomed to working with business leaders will certainly be of great help as the “default bank advisor” who has to respond to credit requests from people who are not their clients.

Very good to know, if you want to save time: provide immediately all the documents that I tell you, without waiting for you to be asked. We can not trust the advisor entirely: he does not accept the mortgage! This is often a committee, which will decide whether to grant the loan or not. For my new bank, where I ask for the credit, the committee meets once a week and can ask for… new documents.

Agreement in principle

Agreement in principle

After sending my last documents on January 20th, I finally receive an email on February 3rd announcing that I have obtained an “agreement in principle”. For the moment, everything is going very well, even if it took me 3 weeks to get this deal. Let’s not forget, my situation is complicated because I am self-employed. In any case, it remains more than a month to finalize the loan on time.

But with this agreement in principle, I am still asked for documents, including:

  • Copy of the Dividend Distribution Minutes to confirm my income,
  • Proof or document showing the monthly rent received
  • What is the guarantee taken by the current bank for loans in progress

Verification of the credit file and its documents

Verification of the credit file and its documents

The astronomical quantity of documents requested for such a small credit (I remind you that we are talking about a quarter of the total sum, the rest being personal contribution ) still amazes me today, several months after the fact.

As we can see, all the documents we have provided require time to check. The bank will not do it quickly, it will peel carefully each document: it does not lend several tens of thousands of euros at a preferential rate as can be a mortgage without making major checks! In addition, the bank is not alone in checking and giving its final agreement: we must also rely on the bonding agency.

In my case, it is this organization that has complicated everything.

look at the section “mortgage surety to buy in Portugal”. I write that precisely, there are two validations to wait before obtaining a credit “bonded”: one of the bank, and another of the SACCEF or Credit Housing.

The request for study of my file is really part with the SACCEF March 5, all the previous period does not count.

A huge advice: you have to relaunch the advisor permanently. Once a week at least, you have to come to the news. It should be noted that if I had not made a raise, I would still be waiting for my file to reach the SACCEF. I repeat: a good advisor who knows you is vital.

On March 15th, faced with this unexpected event, I am forced to ask for an amendment to my sales agreement. I manage to extend the deadline to buy the apartment for an additional month, until April 15th.

It should be noted that the extended delays in obtaining the credit agreement and the bonding agreement are not exclusive to the bank where I spoke to: with very low interest rates, many people also makes a request for mortgage credit, to which must be added all those who have made a request for repurchase of mortgage. It is a surplus of work for the persons in charge of validating the files of credit, and thus an extension of the deadlines of response of the banks.

Nevertheless, attention: I also made a request for repurchase of real estate credit with my classic bank. From the credit surrender request on May 5th to the signing of the new contract on May 26th (cooling off period included), we have only three weeks. Yet, I’m not more on a permanent contract than for the mortgage: I just spoke to my other bank, which has known me for a very long time. The overwork of the banks does not explain everything!

Compare our best insurance offers

Compare our best insurance offers

This insurance is also subject to validation, but does not pose any particular difficulty for my case: I am in relative good health, it took me only a few days to obtain the validation of my insurance. But it can be a real blocking point if you want a credit when you are disabled (article eKonomia) where you want a mortgage when you are retired…

How long to have money from a credit?

How long to have money from a credit?

When making a mortgage, especially if you are a “complex file” as can be someone who is self-employed and would like to buy a house abroad, ask a credit to your different banks, first, where you hold your business accounts.

Even if you do not compete too much, you know that the proposal will be at least satisfactory, and the credit will have the merit of being unblocked much faster than in a bank where you are not a customer. For a few hundred euros, no need to risk losing the apartment of your dreams!

If making a mortgage is not a problem, then we can do without the validation of the Housing Credit or SACCEF: here, we can play the competition thoroughly, the final answers of banks coming in less than a month. Finally, if you are on a permanent contract, it is undoubtedly simpler, everything goes faster: a month to get a firm offer of loan on average, unless you already have of course too many credits on the back.

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